🎯Financial Projections

Financial Projections and Growth

  1. Initial Capital and Pre-Sale (April 2024):

    • Target to raise: $2.75 million.

    • Pre-sale token price: $0.008.

    • Expected funds from pre-sale (assuming $2.75 million).

  2. Public Sale and Liquidity Injection (May to June 2024):

    • Public Sale Round 1: 0.47% of total supply at $0.0085/token.

    • Public Sale Round 2: 0.67% of total supply at $0.009/token.

    • Initial liquidity at launch: 0.4% at $0.01/token, enhancing market confidence.

  3. Revenue from Mining Operations (Starting June 2024):

    • First mining machine operational, potential revenue: $50,000/month (assuming BTC price at $50,000).

    • Scale to 10-12 machines in 2 years, revenue potential: $500,000 to $600,000/month.

  4. Market Cap Growth and Exchange Listing:

    • Early exchange listing in June 2024 to boost liquidity and valuation.

    • Targeting $100 million market cap for Binance listing.

    • Incremental market cap growth with each mining machine addition and operational success.

  5. Scaling to a Billion Dollar Market Cap:

    • Reinvesting mining profits in buying back RFC tokens and scaling operations.

    • Assuming a successful scaling strategy, reaching a billion-dollar market cap involves increasing the token price substantially through reduced supply and increased demand.

Detailed Financial Breakdown:

  • Initial Market Value (Pre-Sale and Public Sale): Assuming a full sell-out in initial rounds, generating substantial initial capital.

  • Mining Revenue Impact: Each machine adds an estimated $600,000 worth of crypto annually at Bitcoin price, leading to substantial reinvestment funds.

  • Post-Launch Strategy: Buy-backs and further investment in mining will tighten supply and possibly increase token price, contributing to market cap growth.

Projected Financial Growth:

  • Yearly Revenue Goal: Around $6 million to $7.2 million from mining operations.

  • Market Cap Milestones: From initial tens of millions to $100 million within the first year or two, aiming for exponential growth thereafter to reach the billion-dollar valuation.

This structured financial strategy illustrates a calculated path to significant growth, underpinned by real operational activities and market engagement, offering a clear and promising investment opportunity for prospective stakeholders.

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