The fundamental information of Royal Finance Coin (RFC) is outlined as follows:

  • Token Name: Royal Finance Coin

  • Token Symbol: RFC

  • Token Decimals: 18 decimals

  • Total Supply: 5,000,000,000 RFC

  • Blockchain : BASE

Token Distribution

The token distribution of RFC is designed to ensure a sustainable ecosystem for the project while supporting growth, scalability, and community engagement. Below are the specific allocations:

Presale (6.75%):

  • Total Tokens: 337,500,000 RFC (1 year Vesting)

  • Allocated to early adopters and strategic partners, this phase is critical for initial fundraising and to reward early confidence in the project.

  • Wallet Address - 0xE6fB8e703fe17f5d5D4c724a53F226166992C79A

Liquidity (0.3%):

  • Total Tokens: 15,000,000 RFC

  • To ensure sufficient liquidity on exchanges at launch, this fund will help stabilize the token price and provide a reliable trading environment.

  • Wallet Address - 0x056BC46Dc128ad16556Fa482Ede6E98Baf584a78

Team (2.95%):

  • Total Tokens: 147,500,000 RFC

  • Reserved for the project founders, developers, and staff. This allocation is crucial for incentivizing the continued development and support of the RFC ecosystem.

  • Wallet Address - 0x056BC46Dc128ad16556Fa482Ede6E98Baf584a78

Staking (10%):

  • Total Tokens: 500,000,000 RFC

  • To promote holding and reduce market volatility, staking rewards will be provided to users who lock their tokens for a certain period, enhancing token value and community engagement.

  • Wallet Address - 0x2C69AEa733cf7A13CACebf9469c0Cc08cd009a4f

New Miners (30%):

  • Total Tokens: 1,500,000,000 RFC

  • This significant allocation is dedicated to purchasing new mining equipment to expand the project’s mining capabilities, ensuring a steady revenue stream and supporting ongoing buybacks.

  • Wallet Address - 0x9CE01C594Ab9F5c1119546B732B2a83560460Fd3

Marketing (20%):

  • Total Tokens: 1,000,000,000 RFC

  • Essential for growing visibility and adoption, this fund will be used for comprehensive marketing campaigns, partnerships, and community building initiatives.

  • Wallet Address - 0x3791617ea5F834eb25C72FE21288CdB2c097b5C0

Project Funds (20%):

  • Total Tokens: 1,000,000,000 RFC

  • These funds are set aside for future development, operational costs, and scaling the infrastructure as needed to support project growth and expansion.

  • Wallet Address - 0x125A990aE562328C9C1c0810e4Ec455eaCdae3D1

Partnership (5%):

  • Total Tokens: 250,000,000 RFC

  • For forging new partnerships and collaborations that can provide strategic advantages and expand the project’s reach and efficacy.

  • Wallet Address - 0x8411aB4c78D2DB25987EfBc582460255AF6616dE

Exchanges (5%):

  • Total Tokens: 250,000,000 RFC

  • Allocated to facilitate listing fees and ensure the token is accessible on major cryptocurrency exchanges, increasing the token's availability to a broader market.

  • Wallet Address - 0x4235F781B4270C575f9b3960a25320825516AD46

Token Allocation Table:

Token Utility

  1. Cryptocurrency Mining Investment:

    • The funds raised from the Private and Public sales are allocated to purchase crypto mining machines. This initiates a sustainable revenue generation model, as the mined cryptocurrency (worth one Bitcoin) can significantly contribute to the project's profitability and the buy-back scheme.

    • Monthly Buy-Back and Investment: With just one mining machine operational, the project commits to buying back tokens worth 1 BTC more or less worth of RFC tokens monthly by daily backing the liquidity pool. This not only supports the token price by reducing supply but also reinvests in marketing and the development of additional utilities.

    • Expansion of Mining Operations: The project plans to add more mining machines, enhancing its mining capability and, by extension, increasing the revenue for further buy-backs and project development.

  2. RFC Crypto Debit VISA Card:

    • Every RFC holder is eligible for an RFC crypto debit VISA card, which can be used for payments worldwide. This feature enhances the token's utility by integrating it into the daily financial activities of its holders, making RFC not just an investment but also a medium of exchange.

Benefits for Investors

To quantify the benefits for investors, let's consider the initial investment through the lens of the buy-back program and the expansion of mining operations.

  1. Buy-Back Program:

    • The buy-back initiative will directly benefit RFC holders by increasing demand for the token, potentially leading to a price increase. The exact benefit to each investor will depend on the market response and the proportion of tokens held.

  2. Expansion of Mining Operations:

    • The addition of more mining machines every six months represents a scaling up of the project's revenue generation capability. This is expected to increase the funds available for buy-backs and other investments, further supporting the token's market price and project's growth.

  3. RFC Crypto Debit VISA Card:

    • While this utility does not directly translate into financial returns, it significantly enhances the token's usability and appeal, potentially increasing demand and the token's intrinsic value over time.

This consistent buy-back strategy aims to create a supportive floor for the token price by reducing available supply and reinvesting in the project's growth and visibility. The effectiveness of this strategy in benefiting investors will depend on several factors, including the overall market conditions, the success of the mining operations, and the demand for RFC tokens, especially as the project scales up its mining capacity and enhances the token's utility with features like the RFC crypto debit VISA card.

By integrating practical financial utilities with a sustainable revenue generation model, the Royal Finance Coin is positioned to offer tangible benefits to its investors, not only through potential appreciation in token value driven by buy-backs and scarcity but also through real-world applicability and usage.

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